Short Stories from the UK

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east of the web is from our friends in the UK. I found it some time ago but I'm just now getting around to post about it. Visit and you'll find a fabulous selection of short stories, ebooks and interactive games. The short story section has featured stories in 9 genres. The site has a very clean, simple layout and best of all "stories can be read online, printed or downloaded for reading offline or on handheld devices."

Ready to get your work out there? Why not submit a story? Here's what they have to say about it:

"East of the Web is keen to provide exposure for writers by offering them a place where their work will be seen and read in a high quality, respected setting. The site receives about half a million unique page views per month, so successful submissions are likely to be viewed by more readers than in almost any other short story publication. In addition, the site receives attention from agents, the press, film makers, schools, universities and other publishers.

Note that our editorial standards are high and we do not publish all the submissions we receive. If necessary, editors work with authors of successful submissions prior to placing the story on the site.

Accepted authors receive a page on the site where readers can access all the author's stories as well as biographical or event information, story background and links. Any comments posted to the site relating to your submission will be made available to you.

We do not require exclusive use of your submission - in fact, our comments system and author pages provide not only a focus for readers and reader feedback, but also a point for other publishers to contact you. All work can be removed within two weeks of you contacting us if this becomes necessary."

Visit the site then, if you want, submit your work.

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