The Art of Storytelling
Call for Entries

The Art of Storytelling competition is open to storytellers of all ages, anywhere in the world. Only original stories conceived and created by the entrant will be considered. These fictional stories may not be a copy of another writer’s work and must not previously have been published. The reading could be an adaptation, in which the storyteller provides a unique perspective or contemporizes the story or myth from which the original artwork is drawn. For inspiration, we encourage you to visit the Delaware Art Museum to view these magnificent images up close.

The Art of Storytelling series will feature participating writers, artists and dramatists telling stories about the visual art works. Stories will be gathered via a “Call for Entries.” Through an open juried exhibition process, stories will be reviewed and selected for use in the project. Stories are to be 250 – 500 words (2-3 minutes) in length, written for an audience of primarily eight- to twelve-year-old children. Each of the twenty selected stories will be recorded in the voice (and potentially the sound effects, music and more) of the original artist, or by professional voiceover talent. The winning contestants will have a chance to narrate their story and the recording and text of that narration will be archived and accessible on the web. Selected storytellers will receive a $250 stipend and recognition on the Delaware Art Museum website.

How to Enter

First, choose one of the Delaware Art Museum's selected works of art for which you'd like to write a story. All stories must be based on one of the images found in Works of Art. For inspiration, explore the images and their in Works of Art to learn about the artworks' stories and their histories. But don't stop there. Feel free to research your selected works and draw on other resources. Once you've selected a work or works of art, it's time to write your story. To learn more about what we are looking for, review Story Selection. Once you've written your story, complete the online Entry Form. And that's all you need to do.

Each story entry must be accompanied by an Official Entry Form or facsimile. You may submit multiple entries, as there is no limit to the number of stories that any one entrant may submit. In fact, multiple submissions are encouraged – the same individual can be selected as a winner multiple times!

Download Application Form


All entries must be completed online, emailed or postmarked no later than Thursday, August 3, 2006.


  • All finalists will be awarded one-year memberships to the Delaware Art Museum.
  • Each of the 20 winning entrants will receive a $250 cash award for their winning entry. Competition cash awards will total $5,000, and entrants with multiple winning entries will receive $250 award for each selected story, potentially up to the total $5,000.

Notification Date

Entrants will be notified by August 9, 2006 as to whether or not they have been selected as Finalists. Winning entrants will be selected from the finalist pool, and will be notified by August 18, 2006. Entry Form

Gentle Readers

I've been away for awhile but only because it was necessary to devote the bulk of my time to the other projects for which I am responsible. No worries. RED GIRL Reads a Story has moved to the front of the queue. Please expect many changes to this blog. Obviously, STORIES shall always be at the forefront but the WAY they are told will be expanded.

Thank you for your patience, Gentle Readers. Let's mark the month of June as NEW BEGINNINGS.


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