Please pardon the long stretches between posts. I have been so busy with other projects. Truly, the neglect stops today. I cannot tell you how much I love blogging--every budding (or established) writer is provided with an opportunity for instant gratification AND publication. The rise of pod and vidcasting only makes the pot sweeter. YUM!

Okay, enough gushing...time for real business. Here's what's on tap for this blog:
  1. Refine the Focus
    My blogging style has been very scattered. It makes me appear to be a jumbled mess (which, at times, is probably accurate). However, the purpose of this blog was AND is to tell stories, to write stories, to read stories, to view stories and to listen to stories. I need to get back to that.

  2. Revise the Layout
    Since I believe the content should be the primary focus, I will stick to the minimalist look but elements will be added to make site navigation easier. (I might dress up the color a bit, too.)

  3. Add some Cool Features
    Podcasting and vidcasting (just the bees knees) and other cool tech will make this a hot site.

I've also signed up for National Novel Writing Month which begins November 1st so we'll be following my progress on this blog.

That's it for now. Expect daily updates beginning October 29th.

Thanks for your patience.


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